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Jeffery A. Carroll, PhD

Research Leader, Livestock Issues Research Unit
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
Lubbock, Texas

Linking Stress, Metabolism, and Immune Function in Cattle

Dr. Carroll, a Research Physiologist with the USDA, is recognized for his fundamental research to determine how stress affects the physiological and behavioral responses of cattle and swine. Dr. Carroll’s team is developing management practices and alternative production systems to enhance animal well-being. In addition, they study how stress induced alterations in immune responses relate to pre-harvest food safety. His research group has been the recipient of several industry and professional society awards in recognition of their leadership to discover linkages of cytokine and endocrine factors that regulate metabolism and health of weaned pigs and calves. Dr. Carroll’s integrative research philosophy facilitates collaborations with both industry and university scientists. He holds Adjunct Professor and Graduate Faculty appointments at Texas A&M University in College Station and Kingsville, Mississippi State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Nebraska, Oregon State University, Texas Tech University, and West Texas A&M University. Dr. Carroll completed his BS (1991) in Animal Science and his MS (1993) and PhD (1996) in Physiology of Reproduction from Texas A&M University. In 1996, he joined the USDA ARS Animal Physiology Research Unit located in Columbia, Missouri, where he served as a Research Physiologist for eight years. In 2004, Dr. Carroll became the Research Leader for the USDA ARS Livestock Issues Research Unit in Lubbock, Texas. His team is actively addressing methods to mitigate adverse effects of stress and develop alternatives to antimicrobials to enhance health and wellbeing of growing pigs and calves. His presentation at this Symposium will focus on the relationships among stress, metabolism, and immune function.